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Mendeley Guide: General

Three steps to get started

1) Create a free account ( and install Mendeley Desktop software (installed on all computer labs owned by Information management and Library.)
TUT Staff: Mendeley Desktop can be installed on centrally managed work computers via Software Center (see instructions).

2) For exporting citation information from databases install Web Importer on your web browser

3) For generating citations and bibliography with MS Word/LibreOffice install Mendeley Cite-O-Matic. Cite-O-Matic cannot be installed in the Word in Office 365 (Word Online).

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is free* reference management software that allows you:
* Mendeley Institutional Edition has not been licensed for Tampere University of Technology

  • manage references (you can export references from most of the academic databases, You can also drag and drop pdf's into Mendeley Desktop)
  • generate citations and bibliography with MS Word/LibreOffice (thousands of citation styles available)
  • increase social networking and collaborate (f.e. create groups, join groups, follow researchers, create a profile page)

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Mendeley training

We do not offer training for Mendeley at the moment. However, you can view training lecture slides here:

Mendeley training's lecture slides

Problems with Mendeley?

Find help quickly:

Contact the Library:
If you need more guidance with Mendeley, you can also Book a Librarian to help you.