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TUTCRIS Guide in English: Home

This guide is no longer updated. Please see the Tampere University CRIS Guide for updated instructions.

Getting started

How to access TUTCRIS?

What do I have to do in TUTCRIS?

What else can I do in TUTCRIS?

TUTCRIS training and support

The TUT Library administers the system and organizes all support. All questions and support requests can be sent to

The library organizes TUTCRIS training, briefings and workshops. Times and dates for each event are announced in the Tutka event calendar. Departments can also request private presentations and training sessions.

TUTCRIS Research Information System

All publication data and activities of TUT are maintained in the TUTCRIS research information system. The main objective of TUTCRIS is to increase the visibility of researchers and all academic activities at the university. TUTCRIS supports researchers, management and other staff in presenting, reporting and evaluating academic activities. The system (Pure) is provided and hosted by Elsevier.

Basic information on researchers, organizations, projects etc. is automatically synchronized from other systems at TUT. The library imports publications affiliated to TUT from Web of Science and Scopus databases using an automated search. Researchers add all of their academic activities and all publications which are not included in Web of Science or Scopus.

TUTCRIS also serves as TUT’s institutional repository. Full text versions of research articles are archived in the system if the publisher's policy allows self-archiving. The library always checks the current copyright and archiving policies of scientific journals and publishers before making any files publicly available.

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